Modding Hiatus

My focus so far has been to work on my upcoming NPC Pack, Companions of Nirn, with making characters, building new locations, writing character dialogue, quest and miscellaneous scripts, collating and or making assets from scratch, reaching out to voice actors, and etc. One of the NPCs in this pack I have been working on since 2013 and now I have six more NPCs to work on. When I started making this NPC I was 15 years old, and I was able to juggle between learning the ropes of how to do things in the Creation Kit and school. Now I'm 18. I have a better understanding of the Creation Kit and have been able to work at a faster pace but I am still attending school, and since it's my final year, it's been hard to stay consistent with project updates because of all the work that I have to do. And as much as I hate to say it, but also personal matters offline that have been emotionally draining these past couple of months. I have to thank the close selection of people who knew of what I was going through and had helped me through it. If not for these people I would have lost my sanity.

I'm pretty slow as it is and now I've just gotten slower, and it's been frustrating to my downloaders; the people I'm working with; and me. I'm trying to balance everything but now that the end of the year is fast approaching, it's becoming less and less doable and giving me a lot of unnecessary stress (I've already got exams to worry about!). I'm dragging my feet when I'm working on my projects because of all these factors coming into play, and it frustrates me because I never meet the goals I set for myself. Whenever I push myself it feels more like a chore than doing something that is supposed to be for fun. It's not doing me any favours with my health nor is it fair to the people who are waiting on these updates.

I have been dialing back some of my more ambitious goals to ones that are realistically achievable with my projects, because I want to finish them. I know it looks like I'm starting a project and not finishing it just for the sake of getting the concept out there, and I don't blame people for assuming most of my projects are dead because there are hardly any updates coming out. But I'm trying. I have been blogging my progress on here, but even my update posts there have been inconsistent. This blog usually just sits quiet for a couple of weeks, and then out of nowhere I make an update post. I have been trying to keep it alive by posting some The Sims 4 content for people to download, but most of my visitors are looking for Skyrim content and with how slow I am going, there may not be any Skyrim content for a fair while.

Especially now that I'm taking a hiatus from modding Skyrim.

I made a tweet about this earlier in the week on my modding twitter and it still is in effect. I don't mean to delay projects further but I have to do this. I have taken time off before, but quietly which resulted in me getting a couple of emails asking whether or not I'm still working on my projects because of my inactivity. So, I'm hoping that by making this post it can probably answer potential questions people may have.

TS4: Crooked Top Recolour Set

This is a small set of crooked top recolours!
Mesh is not included in this file. You will need  Unbalance Off Shoulder Long Sleeves Top by Sims 4 Marigold in order for my recolours to load.
  • 5x Standalone Recolours
  • For Female Sims
  • Ageed between Teen to Elder
  • Not set for Random
  • Noragami themed top
Download from SimsFileShare

Sims4Marigold for creating the top.
FabricPlain0061 and FabricWool0024 sourced from
Noragami © Adachitoka
Crown and Cat hand painted by Me.
Created with, Paint Tool Sai and Sims 4 Studio.
Sim Model: Elena Blake

Banners of Miraak (Skyrim)

Banners of Miraak is a small plugin that adds banners of Miraak to different locations in Solstheim and Skyrim to show the spreading influence of Miraak. The locations picked out were random. If you do not like locations I picked out you can remove the banners in TES5edit. 

The ESP requires a legal, up to date copy of Skyrim and the Dragonborn DLC. The ESP has also been cleaned in TES5Edit.

This also is a modder's resource so you can take the banners and add it in to your own mod if you so wish. There is a cell called BOM If you use the banner, you are required to credit Erazhys and Myself. Please link back to Erazhys' deviantART page as well as this page.

How to add the banners to your work:

Miraak Graphic by Erazhys (, used with permission.
WrinklesHanging0038 Texture and FabricPlain0032 Texture from