- If you wish to alter my work and upload it or re-upload it in its entirety then you are to obtain my permission. If you are granted permission then you will be expected to credit me with a link back to this website ( If I do not get back to you with an answer then you are to assume that you do not have permission. See below dot point for translator and permissions.

- You can translate my work and upload a patch without needing to obtain permission. However, you must credit me with a link back to this website ( You are not to charge for my work and you are not to include the BSA. Please link to the original file for people to download the BSA.

- Some of the assets I use in my work are not assets that are free to use. If you want to use assets that I've used in my work please go and obtain the assets from the source pages if possible. Any assets that require permission from the original creator you are to go and obtain permission from them before you use their assets.

- You will NOT be charged in order to download content distributed on this website.

Last updated on the 22nd of November, 2016.